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CHINATOWN in Yokohama, FISH PEDICURE, Street Food

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CHINATOWN in Yokohama, FISH PEDICURE, Street Food


10:32 minutes

My friends and i explored Yokohama Chinatown (横浜中華街) and it was AWESOME! It is always busy overtime i go there but, holidays and weekends are the busiest times to visit there! I am also never let down by the food there... probably because i love Chinese food. We also hit up Dr. fish kiss and had fish pedicures ! The next day i met back up with sarah and we had a mini picnic under the sakura trees by Yokohama bay and is was SO windy.. i don't know how we didn't blow away haha. As always thanks so much for watching & supporting my ever so basic life here in Japan ♡ ** LAST VLOG ** KAWASAKI PENIS FESTIVAL .. or also known by its real name the Kanamara Matsuri